My tracking says delivered but I have not received it, what do I do?

It can be super confusing and frustrating when your parcel tracking indicates that it has been delivered but you haven’t received it. This doesn’t happen often but we will be able to help if it does!

If this is the case we highly recommend checking around your property as sometimes couriers will  leave the parcel in a safe place if you’re not home. Some common places to check are:

  • the letterbox
  • around the front of your home
  • behind bins, pot plants or fences.

If there is no sign of your parcel please also check in with other members of your household, your neighbours as they may have collected this for you for safekeeping and even building management. We also highly recommend checking with your local post office as it may have been dropped off there.

Still not able to locate your parcel? Please contact us and we will be able to investigate further!

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